Technology Approach

Our websites are built using powerful, industry-standard technologies and tools

Technology Approach

Aktiv's technology approach for the new website project leverages the LAMP technology stack, incorporating Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, with integration into WordPress CMS for a robust, secure, and scalable solution. Our projects emphasize security through the use of a private Bitbucket code repository with IP whitelisting and 2-step verification, alongside best practices in WordPress development to prevent XSS and SQL injection attacks. A commitment to long-term scalability ensures that your company's staff can manage content and site structure without developer assistance, utilizing industry-standard code and a design that supports easy edits. The responsive HTML design adopts a Mobile First strategy, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of devices and web browsers, facilitating a seamless user experience.

CMS Security

Our websites are built with best practices for security including the use of the Twig templating engine, which means all code gets automatically sanitized to avoid Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. Database arguments and variables will be used in the database abstraction layer to avoid SQL injection attacks. We recommend a monthly maintenance agreement to keep the site up to date, testing code updates on a separate staging environment.

Long-Term Scalability

Our goal is to build the foundation of your website in such a way that it will be scalable, and that your staff will be able to edit content and create pages without the help of a developer. We build functionality using code that is industry standard, allowing for any skilled developer, on your staff or otherwise, to successfully work on the website. The design will be completed with scalability in mind, and your team will be provided with the resources necessary to edit items like text, images, headings, navigation, landing pages, and contact forms in a way that preserves the continuity and design of the website.

Responsive HTML

We take a "Mobile First" approach, we build for smaller devices first (i.e. - iPhones, Android phones, Tablets, etc). Then, as devices get larger and larger, layer in more complexity for a completely responsive design. For the user interface, we will develop a user experience that will be compatible with the widest array of modern web browsers on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Sass & CSS

Sass stylesheet scripting language, Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional-grade CSS extension language in the world. Sass allows us to create consistent styles for your website in an easy-to-manage platform.

Foundation Framework

Foundation is the professional choice for designers, developers, and teams. You can have the cleanest markup without sacrificing the utility and speed of Foundation. With Foundation we take a Mobile First approach, we build for small devices first. Then, as devices get larger and larger, layer in more complexity for a completely responsive design.

Last Updated: February 15th, 2024