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We offer a fully-customizable range of post-launch analytic interpretation and ongoing optimization services to help make educated decisions on layout changes and plan future enhancements.

Measuring website performance through analytics

Performance Management

Optimize your sites performance

Studies have consistently shown that improving site performance and page speed will result in better user engagement, higher conversion rates, and lower bounce rates. For this reason, providing a great user experience is one of the top initiatives for any web or mobile application. Aktiv can analyze and optimize your website so it can always run a peak performance.

Ss Advanced Analytics

Google Analytics

Make Your Data Make Sense

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web tools on the market, which is why we use it on every project. However it can be incredibly cumbersome and confusing. To solve that, we can create custom events, reports and dashboards that get you easy access to data you care about.

Ss Heat Mapping

User Profiling and Heat Mapping

Tailor Marketing Decisions Based on User Behaviors

Ranging from recording full website browsing sessions, to user profiles that connect name and email with pages visited and call-to-actions clicked, individual user profiles allow you to send hyper-effective marketing directly to users based on their behavior and interests. Heat mapping is one of the easiest way to get a high level view of how your users are interacting with your website. From where users hover their mouse without clicking, to which sections of a page they stay on longest, heat mapping provides valuable user data you can’t get anywhere else.

Website Analytics Projects

Marketing, Automation & Digital Campaigns

Drive consistent conversions with marketing, automation and digital campaigns from Aktiv Web Solutions.

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