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Aktiv Studios is an Atlanta-based website design, web development, and marketing automation services company offering turnkey services to design, build, promote, and maintain a custom website that scales with your business. See how our services can both impress visitors and achieve your business objectives.

Creative Design Services

Create a lasting impression

Our award-winning design team will leave a lasting impression on your customers. We’ve assisted Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and small businesses in establishing their brand, collateral and website design. Our creative strategy can help you conquer any challenges ahead.

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Award-winning web design services in Atlanta, GA.

Website Design & Web Development Services

Where form meets function

A great website starts with proper planning, research and discovery, it’s our map and compass necessary to create a successful project. We take the time to understand your business goals and work with you to create a project plan that fits your brand, budget and timeframe. We offer custom website design and theme development services for leading CMS platforms including Wordpress, Craft CMS, Shopify, BigCommerce and more. From creative concept to completion our websites are built from the ground up using the latest tools and techniques. .

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Website design services and development services in Atlanta, GA.
  • Web Design Services: Our Process

    Web design isn’t just about building a functional site — it’s about creating a branded digital home for your business, where your customers can go to learn about your company, research products, make purchases, and so much more.

    That’s why we’ve developed a proven web design methodology. We combine best practices with a collaborative approach and personalized design strategies that work for every client.

    We start by getting to know you and your company. After all, we believe that good web design must begin with a consistent representation of your brand to your audience.

    Then, we move to the more technical side of web design services, creating deliverables such as wireframes, sitemaps, and user flow diagrams to help communicate our vision to you.

  • Web Development Services: Performance-Focused

    It’s not hard to find a budding web development team that can throw together a quick landing page. So what makes Aktiv Studios different? We’ve resisted the urge to take part in the explosive trend of cookie-cutter websites or relying on prebuilt templates to make a quick buck. Instead, we’ve stuck to the foundation of our business: providing truly personalized web development services.

    We are true website architects who develop unique sites based on your needs and goals. We don’t shy away from complex requirements, either, including complicated integrations and multiple data sources.

Marketing, Analytics & Automation Services

Drive and convert more traffic

A good website is just the beginning. Our marketing automation services help to drive targeted traffic that converts. Our capabilities include social media management, email marketing, PPC, and ongoing SEO services.

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Our marketing automation services include social media management, email marketing, and PPC.
  • Marketing Automation Services

    The repetitive, tedious tasks that go into marketing can eat up a lot of time that you could be spending on growing your business and serving your customers better.

    Online marketing is also time-sensitive, and things change at a rapid-fire pace. Trying to keep up without the right technologies only ensures you are several steps behind your competitors.

    We empower you to stay ahead of the curve and save precious time by providing marketing automation services. Imagine being able to engage your customers with perfectly timed emails and notifications, or delivering dynamic content based on their actions. That’s the power of marketing automation.

  • Social Media Management

    Your customer’s first touchpoint with your brand often won’t be your website. Instead, many prospects will seek out your social media pages to learn more about you and your products in a less promotional light. As such, your business marketing strategy must integrate proper social media management to reach your target audience.

    We’ll identify the best steps to take to grow your audience, increase engagement, and use your social media pages to:

    • Build customer relationships
    • Increase brand recognition
    • Drive traffic to your site

    By combining thoughtful strategy, social media best practices, and the right trends, we can make your brand go viral.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is most effective when it’s timely and relevant. We incorporate email into our marketing automation services to ensure that your email messages and notifications always meet an engaged, receptive audience.

  • PPC

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective methods for acquiring customers and growing a business. Startups in particular can benefit from the injection of growth that PPC provides.

    But the challenge that many businesses face is creating and executing effective campaigns that deliver a strong return on investment. If your PPC efforts aren’t getting the results you want, don’t give up. Instead, hand the reins over to us. We can revive a failed pay-per-click advertising strategy or build yours from the ground up. Either way, you’ll gain more traffic and higher-quality leads.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Businesses cannot thrive on PPC alone. Organic search is still a major source of traffic, so every business needs a search engine optimization strategy to compete effectively online, meet long-term growth goals, and accomplish other business objectives.

    Our SEO experts are eager to create a strategy that ensures you land at the top of the search results for the most relevant keywords in your niche.

    We can assist you with the following fundamental elements of any SEO initiative:

    Local Search Engine Optimization

    Is your website appearing in Google’s local 3-Pack? If not, you’re missing out on valuable traffic. Our local search engine optimization services ensure that you rank at the top of the list for location-specific keywords, particularly for mobile searches.

    This includes:

    • Optimizing your content for local keywords
    • Auditing your local SEO, including position tracking
    • Optimizing your Google Business Profile

    Local search drives foot traffic and helps you establish your brand as a strong local presence — don’t skimp out on this vital aspect of your marketing strategy.

    Technical SEO

    Your site needs relevant content and the right keywords, but there are many behind-the-scenes factors that also impact search rankings. To that end, we work to optimize your site performance, eliminate errors, and take other steps to meet Google’s stringent requirements.

    Our technical SEO efforts include:

    • Improving page speed time
    • Improving indexing with tags
    • Implementing structured data
    • Optimizing URLs
    • Integrating responsive design

    Finally, thanks to our extensive experience in site architecture, we will design your website for a better user experience and search engine performance.

    Voice Search

    Do you expect your prospective customers to search for your products or services using their mobile or smart home devices? If so, you may need to focus on voice search optimization. After all, people search differently when speaking aloud, often using full sentences and thoughts, compared to the truncated phrases they use when typing. By properly optimizing your content for both kinds of searches, we will improve your site’s discoverability in voice search.

    On-Page SEO

    Ultimately, your website content is its most powerful search ranking tool. However, this means more than simply including the right keywords. We’ll help you improve your position on search engine results pages with rich content that is relevant, actionable, and aligns with user intent.

    This includes building trust and authority with a strong backlinking strategy. Additionally, we’ll use internal linking for better site navigation and to assist Google’s website crawlers with indexing your website.

  • Analytics and Optimization Services

    To maintain a strong and competitive online presence, you need to track and improve your website’s performance. We help you measure your results and improve your strategy with a twofold approach.

    Performance Management

    High-performing sites earn better outcomes, and the best way to continually improve your site’s performance is to consistently measure it. With a solid performance management strategy, you can boost conversions and engagement while lowering bounce rates.

    Whether we’ve designed a new website for your company or implemented an SEO strategy, we will engage in ongoing performance monitoring and optimization to maximize site performance and customer experience.

    Google Analytics

    Since Google has remained the search engine of choice for most web users, it makes sense to use the tools they provide to track your digital marketing performance. That’s why we use Google Analytics to track your company’s digital campaign performance.

    We’ll also explain these analytics to you in digestible reports, making sense of data that may otherwise be confusing and helping you make crucial business decisions.

Website Maintenance & Hosting

Post-launch website services

We offer a fully-customizable range of post-launch design, development and marketing services support to help keep your website fresh and performing at peak levels. Our experts keep your site secure by keeping up with the latest updates so that you can focus on the core business.

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Web site maintenance and hosting services in Atlanta, GA.
  • Ongoing Web Development Services

    We’re not going to just hand you a top-of-the-line website and wish you good luck. If you’ve ever tried to maintain a website, you know that there are complex tasks that go into maintaining its performance. To this end, after your site goes live, we’ll continue our web development services by monitoring it to consistently improve its performance and security.

  • Post-Launch Web Design Services

    If you want to satisfy search engines and your users long after you launch your site, you’ll want to make sure you continually keep things updated. After all, as you get more data on your users’ needs and expectations, you may find out that you could offer crucial tools, products, and services that can win over more customers and retain the ones you already have.

    Whether it comes to improving the user experience, adding additional service pages, or optimizing your content for a new demographic, we will continue to improve your website to achieve your marketing goals.

Why Brands Choose Aktiv Studios
Atlanta Web Design Services

Aktiv Studios is a full-service design agency with a proven track record of helping growing brands establish a powerful online presence. Our team will partner with yours to outline clear goals, and then we’ll create and execute a strategy that gets the job done.

Your website, social media pages, email, and advertising outreach are all important parts of your digital presence. Each one should align with the other to create a consistent brand and amazing customer experience. So doesn’t it make sense to work with an agency that offers Atlanta web design services along with PPC, email, and social media? That’s what Aktiv Studios has to offer! Contact us today to get started.

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