Marketing & Automation

Drive Consistent Conversion

Marketing & Automation

Conversion Funnels

Creating Paths to Success

We don’t believe in leaving things to chance—especially during a redesign—so Aktiv creates custom conversion funnels based on your business objectives and target audiences. By quickly connecting users with relevant content and calls-to-action, you stand the best chance of turning visitors into clients.

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Search Engine Optimization

Position Your Website For Success

SEO has changed dramatically over the years. The days of tricks and gimmicks are over, and well architected and properly coded websites with rich content are being rewarded. Luckily for you, we’re experts at information architecture, and all our websites follow best practices and meet W3C compliance.

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Social & Promotions

Reach Audience Members Where They Spend the Most Time

What is your product or service without an audience? With more than 2 billion daily active users, social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are effective pathways to reach your customers.

Let us help you create a powerhouse social marketing strategy that will target the type of customers you want and need to grow your business. From promotions and ads to “like” campaigns, we have solutions that will fit your budget and goals.

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Marketing Automation Projects

Website Analytics & Heat mapping

Fuel your website strategy with analytics and heat-mapping solutions from Aktiv Web Solutions.

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