The Definition of Diving on the Web

A new website to dive into.

With an outdated website, and convoluted member services, NAUI knew that a complete overhaul of their web presence was necessary if they wanted to grow, find logistical efficiencies and provide their users a modern web experience.

Aktiv proposed a responsive redesign of the marketing website. Goals for the project included enhancing their brand, restructuring their certifications and course content and intuitively organizing their wealth of information for both new divers and NAUI professionals.

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Diver-centric approach.

Utilize dynamic content delivery and a stunning responsive web design to increase website interaction and pages visited. Implement the Umbraco CMS to allow NAUI to easily manage their own website and adapt to ever-changing global market trends. Implement custom functionality to assist users in locating dive shops and professionals. Create a new logo, icons and branding guidelines to bring NAUI’s brand up to modern standards. Implement a strategic call to action and SEO plan to increase target audience acquisition and conversion

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The latest and greatest in a digital dive experience.

The new website is both responsive and dynamic, and has been met with abundant praise from both internal and external NAUI stakeholders. NAUI is now one of the most comprehensive online resources in the Scuba Diving community, and will continue to improve as future phases of the project are launched.

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