How To Choose a Web Design Company

How To Choose a Web Design Company

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between products, services, and companies, especially when making big commitments like choosing a web company to partner with. As consumers, it can be difficult to decipher the differences between the vast amount of services and providers out there, all claiming that they’re the answer to every one of your problems. This has been made startlingly clear to me recently, when I purchased a charming home in Atlanta built in the 1950’s. As I embarked on the mission to update almost the entire house, I quickly became overwhelmed by the recommendations and solutions that continued to pile up from contractors, countertop specialists, and painters.

Background Check

I needed to quit comparing the promises, and start studying the providers.

Prices, scopes, and methods varied wildly, and each company had a million reasons why their way was the right way. As I sat at dinner with my wife night after night, trying to compare and contrast all this new information, I couldn’t help but to see parallels between this experience and what most people must feel like when searching for web design, development, and internet marketing services. That’s when I had the revelation. I needed to quit comparing the promises, and start studying the providers. Once I began asking questions about how these companies conducted their business and who would be doing the work, instead of focusing only on the end result, the quality companies quickly became obvious.

In our industry, predictors of an amazing project don’t exist solely in the scope or the project plan; it’s all about who’s doing the work. There are many ways to tackle problems in any industry, but especially on the web. The flexibility of responsive web design combined with the power of modern back-end development creates a world of possibilities. Add in native android and ios applications, internet marketing campaigns, analytics, and user experience design and almost anyone interested in improving or redesigning their website might quickly become overwhelmed.

This is where the experience and integrity of the designers, developers, and marketers on your project really makes all the difference. We consumers often make the mistake of assuming that all projects of similar scope are created equal. However, this simply isn’t the case. Just as important as what a company will do is how it will be done and by who.

Your Business Partner

Here at Aktiv, the success of our customers is our number 1 priority. We are a group of designers, developers, and marketers dedicated to creating amazing web solutions and providing unparalleled customer-focused service. Our staff is built of proven leaders in their fields, and our clients always have direct contact with the specialists on their project. Aktiv is a revolutionary shift in an industry that has become too disconnected from their clients, and we’d love to tell you about what that means for your website. If you are currently looking for a web design, development, or marketing partner, we would love to hear about your project; and as you learn about our solutions, we encourage you explore our business commitments and our past work while you’re at it. I think you’ll really like what you find.

by: Chris Kosiba