What Makes An Effective Brand?

Create Separation from your Competitors

What Makes An Effective Brand?

It’s the message behind the medium that counts.

Write messaging that stands out

It’s not a flashy logo, tagline, advertising or your website. Those are communications mediums. It’s the message behind the medium that counts for your brand. Spend due diligence developing your message properly, and you can connect with your prospect. Slap your message together with bells or whistles, and you’ll be lost in a sea of clutter.

You can’t make your future client work to find out the real value you bring to the table. They’ll only give you a nanosecond of consciousness to tell them why they should even care. That’s why the discovery process is essential. An effective communicator learns everything about your business…what you makes you different…what makes you special. Then, they compress a kaleidoscope of differentiating factors into one single statement of value. They raise the bar on what you offer, and fill that nanosecond with something meaningful.

Only then will your brand stop them cold. That’s the moment your prospect gets interested, sticking around long enough to learn about all those selling points you’ve been dying to share. They’ll read your collateral, peruse your Web site, connect with your social media and visit your booth. They will see you as the thought leader, all the while being reminded of the clear statement of value that keeps them wanting more. That’s when they’re hooked. When they’ll ask for that 45-minute presentation. That’s effective brand.

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by: Stephen Lashley

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